Go Jetters, the church and playing your part | Zoe blogs

We love it when different people contribute to the Central Line and some of our most-read posts have come from Zoe Yeo from our North Site. Today she blogs on Go Jetters, the church and what it means to really play your part.

This week I was watching ‘Go Jetters’.  If you are not a parent/someone who is around small children that will probably mean nothing!  If you are there may be an annoying theme song running through your head right now.

It is certainly annoying, but as I listened this week I felt encouraged by its message, and particularly the different descriptions of the characters:

“Xuli she’s the pilot with the power, with the speed,

Kyan’s so fantastic if gymnastics what you need,

Lars can make and fix it super quickly with his hands,

Foz can crack the answer to grand master Glitch’s plans”

As I listened, I thought about the clarity and purpose there is to each of the Go Jetters’ roles.  Stick with me!

Their mission is to foil grand master Glitch’s plans (he gets up to much mischief) and their unique abilities enable them to do so. But crucially, they don’t do it alone….but a team.

And what a team! A pilot, a gymnast, a DIY expert and a Brainiac, and that’s without mentioning the governance and leading of Ubercorn. Yeah definitely getting a bit weird at this point!


You may be wondering where I am going with this, but it reminded me of a wonderful passage from the Bible.

“For the body does not consist of one member but many.  If the foot should say ‘because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body’ that would not make it any less a part of the body.  If the whole body were an eye where would be the sense of hearing? If the whole body an ear, where would be the sense of smell?”

1 Corinthians 12:14

I believe this verse is urging us to recognise our uniqueness. To be confident and secure in our gifting and to know that when we are truly ourselves we are at our best.

You see if Xuli decided she wasn’t content to be a pilot anymore but would fancy doing gymnastics with Kyan, there’d be a problem (unless they could backflip across the globe).

And its not just a problem for Xuli-who has to physically train in gymnastics, which she is likely not suited to, but also a problem for the team.  They are relying on Xuli to get them to their mission in the first place.  Without her gift and skill they cannot put theirs into action.

Do you see that the church is also like this? We are made to be one body, we are designed to compliment one another.  We are individually crafted to play a specific part, a role set apart for us as an individual.   But that role does not just benefit the individual, it builds up and equips the rest of the church/body.  And like that verse says, if you are an eye going rogue and trying to be an ear or a foot, the whole body becomes blind.

Personally this is a regular struggle.  It is easy to look around and instead of admiring and celebrating other people’s gifts, I can become insecure.  Maybe my gift isn’t special enough? Maybe I would be better if I could just do what that person does?  But the truth is the moment I step away from what I have been designed to do, I feel even more insecure!! Why? Because I am best at being me and I was never meant to be someone else, regardless of how wonderful or exceptional their gift is.  I have been lovingly shaped with a purpose and I am best when walking within that.

Owen touched a little on this a few Sunday’s ago.  The early church had a problem in that they needed someone to care for the widows.  Now the disciples could have stepped out of their gifting to get involved in this, they could’ve worried about what it would look like to others if they didn’t do this compassionate role.  But instead they recognised that they would benefit the body best by sticking to their calling.  They did not want to leave the body blind.

So how can we respond to these valuable lessons taught to us by the book of Corinthians and the Go Jetters (never thought I would say that!)?

Well, ask God what your gifting is. Ask Him what part you are to play within his body.

Learn to enjoy and celebrate other’s gifts without coveting them. This may have to be a regular discipline-it certainly is for me.  It is so easy to compare but when those thoughts sneak in, use that as an opportunity to thank God for that person’s gift and the fact that you get to benefit from it as part of the body.

Learn to not just be content with your gifting but also to enjoy and celebrate what God has given you.  He has a unique purpose for you and the body would be limping without you!