The Weekend Away – all your info

Welcome to your “all-the-information-I-need” blog for the Weekend Away! We are absolutely thrilled so many have booked in and can’t wait to see all that God does as we gather together!

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re arriving later than 6.30pm on the Friday (so, after that, or on Saturday morning), please do let the office know.

If you have any questions at any point, simply contact the office on and we’ll be here to help!

Where is it?

We’re heading to the Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire. The postcode is DY14 8JG and directions are available here. There’s no centralised organisation of transport, so please arrange your transport to the Pioneer Centre.

When is it?

The weekend is from 23rd-25th June.

When can I arrive?

You are able to arrive on site from 5pm on the Friday 23rd June, ahead of our evening meal together at 6.30-7pm. If you’re unable to get there for the evening meal, the venue is unable to save meals so please organise your own food for that night.

We’re to be packed up and gone at 4pm on the Sunday 25th June, after our final afternoon activity together.

What is the content going to be?

We’re going to be exploring one huge, deep, vast, life-changing theme for the whole weekend – the theme of the Kingdom of God. We’re digging in to questions like “What is the Kingdom of God? Why do Jesus and the apostles talk about it so much?! How do we live as subjects of the King today and be involved in His work of extending His kingdom?”


This is an area some of the staff team have been exploring in some depth ahead of the weekend and we’re excited for what God is going to speak to us on this exciting theme!

We’ll be exploring the Kingdom in main meetings but also in breakout workshops led by a variety of people across the church applying the content we’re hearing to a whole range of different contexts. Many of the workshops will run twice so you can make sure you get to the ones that you particularly have an interest in. We’ll explore how we serve the King:

  • through our work
  • through social action
  • through personal devotions
  • through your marriage
  • through parenting (pre-teens)
  • through parenting (teens)
  • through the arts
  • as a young person (youth specific workshop stream)

What’s the timetable?

To whet your appetite, we can now show you the provisional program for the weekend. We’ve got three main meetings to worship Jesus together and hear from His word, alongside plenty of fun, food and free time to share in as a family!


What other stuff’s happening in the main meetings?

As well as worshipping Jesus as a church family, and hearing from the Bible, we’ll have time to break bread together on Sunday morning with the children back in among us. We’ll also hear have a chance to give to some of the projects we’re involved in as a church at a special Weekend Away Gift Day!

What if I’m not used to coming to church?

If you’re new to Churchcentral, there’s a particularly warm welcome to our Weekend Away! We’re confident you’ll have a brilliant time. We think the content will be stimulating and inclusive wherever you’re at on things of faith, and you are free to engage in whatever way you are most comfortable with. There’ll be no pressure put on you, we’re genuinely glad to have you along and are looking forward to a great weekend together!

What are our children going to be up to?

If you’re bringing children with you, you’ll no doubt be wondering what the plan is. First, we can say please bring your own highchairs if you need them! And then read on for information about children’s activities:

Creche (0s-2.5s) is for parents and very little children to have a comfortable space and flexible options during the two morning meetings. This will be a parent supervised crèche for under 2.5 year olds in the lounge just outside the main meeting room. This will mean parents may be able to still hear the talk and engage with the meeting as much as they are able to. Alternatively, parents may wish to take their children along to the Totzcentral room and join in with their activities. However, only children aged 2.5 & over may be signed into Totzcentral and left by parents.

 Totzcentral (2.5-4s) are looking forward to having the best time together! Over both mornings we will be celebrating how good it is to be God’s children, and exploring how we can grow up to be strong and rooted in Jesus, showing His love to others. There will be music, games, crafts and a mid-morning snack for all. Suitable for 2.5 year olds to Reception aged children, who may be signed in and left in the care of the Totz team for the sessions (which will last approximately 2 hrs 30 mins). There will be a chance for parents and children to visit the Totz venue & meet the team after dinner on the Friday evening, from 6.45-7pm.

Kidzcentral (4-11s) will be joining the church for family worship during the morning sessions and then heading out for their own meetings filled with kingdom themed activities, group challenges, crafts and lots of messy games! Sign in/ registration will take place on the Friday 7.00-7.30pm in Maple Hall (we’ll show you where), ahead of the first main meeting on the Saturday morning. On Saturday night we’re very excited about Churchcentral ONEsie – cryptic, but just trust us! The plan for the weekend is to establish an exciting but safe environment where all the children can engage with God and what it means to be a part of his kingdom, and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do! On a practical level, it would be great if you could make sure to pack your child’s onesie and some clothes you don’t mind getting messy and if you have any further questions, drop a line to Beth.

Emerge (12s-17s) will join in the meetings with the wider church, but will have their own specific seminar stream to join in with, on serving the King as a young person. We’re keen for the young people to experience what God is doing in the main meetings, to engage and grapple with the content, but also to have a context within which to hear specific stuff for them.

What organised fun are we having?!

We’ll be enjoying our time together in several ways over the weekend. On Friday, we’ll kick off with a Quiz Night. On Saturday, we’ll have a Photo Treasure Hunt and wrap up the day with an open-mic night. Spaces for this will be limited, but if you would like to play, sing, act, storytell, rap, paint, tell jokes or ANYTHING else for this, be in touch with Jonny Mellor. We’ll enjoy our final activity of the weekend on Sunday after lunch with a Chris-Yeo brainchild, Churchcentral “It’s a Knockout”!

Should any of these cause mild panic in you, the organised fun is all optional, fret not!

What do I need to bring?

  • Clothes! Please.
  • Toiletries
  • A towel
  • Bible!
  • A special Weekend Away offering will take place, so means to give if you so wish!
  • 4-11s ideally need a onesie!
  • Highchair if you need one!
  • All bedding is provided (cots are not provided) – so no bedding needed
  • All food is provided – so no food needed

What’s the cost?

You’ll have paid a minimum amount of £20 to secure your place already, and there are no further costs throughout the weekend – it’s all included!  Many of you will have given more too – thank you so much for doing this! This has helped us go a decent way to funding the weekend, and has blessed others to enable them to come, so thank you.

If you were planning to give, you can still do that, just be in touch with Hannah. We are, just for your information, several thousands of pounds short of covering the costs for the weekend. That’s not a pressurised thing, but if you were planning to give but haven’t got around to it, and have cheerful faith to do so, that’s still something we can facilitate. The costs were £116 for 17s+, £87 for 13-16s, £58 for 4-12s and 0-3s go free.

If you’re not able to give, please don’t worry at all – we’re genuinely just so glad you’re coming on what we hope will be a fabulous weekend!

What am I eating?

We’ll eat together and all your food is included in your price.

If you want more information than this about food, just be in touch and we’ll let you know more details.

Where will I sleep?

We’ve been given an allocation of rooms for our booking and there will be a mixture of family rooms and shared male or female rooms. All bedding is provided except for cots.

Can I bring alcohol?

We’ve had the site rules from the venue and just to draw your attention to one in particular, there’s a reasonably strict rule on bringing alcohol, that can result in you being kicked off site if you’re found with any. You have been warned!

Unable to come after all?

We’re now down to literally a handful of spaces in rooms on our booking, which is exciting! Please, therefore, if for some reason you find you are no longer able to come, for some or all of the weekend, could you let us know?