Forward – the headlines and highlights

Last weekend, Forward – our big termly news night – was an amazing evening of stories, celebration and God speaking to us. If you missed it, we don’t want you to miss out! Here’s Dan gives the headlines and the highlights…

After sharing encouragements and breaking bread together we heard some stories from people within the church. “Well, about a year ago I had a heart attack……” Silence. We heard the story of how one man came from being so very close to death to finding eternal life in Jesus. We heard the story of God healing a hand. We heard the story of God moving among friends of church members, drawing them along to several events and recently along to a Sunday morning. We heard the story of God moving in family and career life, encouraging us to “lean hard” on him. These weren’t just stories from far and wide, but stories from within our very own church, how encouraging?!

Following the stories of breakthrough, Jonny interviewed Tim and Liz Brown and then me (Dan!) to introduce us to the Church; Tim has joined us as operations manager and I am doing FP Impact, the Newfrontiers internship. Jonny then introduced some major developments going on in the Sputnik world – new members of the team and a patronage scheme, where Christians across the UK can give to support four specific artistic projects – check it out here:

We then heard from Helen Bell about the work she and others within the church are doing with some of our older community in Birmingham. Our work through Senior Life group and Time for tea is so highly valued and needed by the people it helps and supports. A series of quotes from those who come along were read out, the impact this work is having is far greater than we’d naturally imagine!

Next Andy spoke about, yep you guessed it, the nations. We heard yet more encouraging stories from France, Turkey and the team in Beirut and spent some time praying for those nations and the people we have sent to them.

As the evening continued on Owen launched CATALYST 2018, showing a video starring an decent number of Churchcentral greats. As a church we have secured 150 early bird tickets, so book in soon to get your place. CATALYST is not something to be missed! You’ll hear about this around the sites in the coming weeks.

Now, at the last forward Jonathan gave a very honest statement on the budget deficit we were facing as a church, but this time Jonathan could excitedly tell us that God had provided an incredible £118,532.39 above ordinary giving. God is good!. This along with expected income from regular giving (plus a few cuts here and there) means we no longer face a deficit for this financial year.

After hearing stories of God breaking through, impacting nations, making a difference in our city and providing for our church there is surely only one response? Prayer and worship! So that’s how we finished the evening. During prayer and worship, as well as throughout the evening , God spoke to us as a church highlighting out the need to be dependent on him and how in our weakness He makes us strong. This is a theme that’s going to be coming up again and again during Judges – it seems it’s something God wants to say to us.

Join us next time at Forward – 11th February 2018!