Three minutes with Andy Kind

On Saturday 25th November, it’s our pleasure to host Andy Kind for a night of comedy at Central House. Andy has been making people laugh on the comedy circuit for over a decade and  comes with rave reviews, whether from leading news publications ( ‘terrific’- The Scotsman) or Churchcentral leaders (‘very funny’- Owen O’Brien). We thought we should let him introduce himself to you before the big night. So if you want to know the whos, whys, whats and how’s of our Comedy Night with Andy Kind, look no further:

1) Who are you?

I am Andy Kind. I’m a comedian and, I suppose these days, a preacher – but it’s the comedy you’ll be getting on the night. At some point I’m wanting to coin the phrase Compologist (one part comedian, one part apologist, one part evangelist) but that’s somewhere on the horizon still. I was born in Birmingham, raised in Stoke and now live in Huddersfield with my wife and two daughters. You see how my hometown’s are becoming ever less glamourous as I go. I’m hoping my next move will move me to somewhere really salubrious, like Grimsby or Winterfell.

2) Why comedy?

Comedy has been my profession for over 12 years, and I’ve been really blessed to make a proper living from the Arts. I’ve performed over 2000 gigs around the world, won a couple of minor awards and written four books – two of which have done very well! I always wanted to be a comedian – always. I remember being off school aged about 8 and watching my Dad’s Fawlty Towers videos on a constant loop, then going back to school and trying to emulate the style of humour. Mum and Dad got a letter home shortly after saying, ‘We’re worried Andrew has become unusually caustic for an 8 year old’. Later I did French at Warwick University, but I never had that urge to pursue anything beyond making people laugh. So after Uni I started hauling myself up and down the country grabbing stage-time wherever I could find it. I lost money in the first couple of years, but slowly and surely my profile raised and I started to get something resembling a living. It’s such a privilege to get paid doing what I love. It’s also been really encouraging to see a swell of Christian guys and girls hitting the comedy circuit over the last decade. When I started back in 2005, you could literally count the Christians on one hand, whereas now there’s about a hundred of us. Discipling a lot of these guys is one of the my greatest joys. Nb. In this country, there is no such thing as a ‘Christian comedian’. There are comedians who are Christians, or Christians who do comedy. But I don’t really know of anyone who does ‘Christian comedy’.

3) What can we expect from The Comedy Night with Andy Kind on 25th November?

So what you’ll see on the night is what you would see if you came to watch me at the Glee Club or any other comedy night. There’ll be loads of banter too, because it makes every show different. And I mean ‘banter’ in the professional comedy sense of creating spontaneous vignettes from conversation with the audience, rather than what most blokes mean by banter, which seems to be slightly different! So come along, and bring your friends – this should be such an easy sell! I can’t absolutely gaurantee you or they will love it because comedy is subjective, but statistically the show is very succesful – and I can promise you won’t cringe or be embarrassed by either cheesy comedy or a back-breaking call to repentance.

4) How can we get tickets?

Thanks for answering our questions, Andy. We’ll take it from here.  The tickets will be available at all Churchcentral sites on the Sundays leading up to the event (and available at CC ONE on 19th Nov) for a mere £5. You can also get them online. Whatever you do though, make sure you do get tickets beforehand as there are only 80 available.

We want to provide easy next steps towards Jesus for all of our friends, and Andy will certainly provide that. So, get inviting and see you on 25th Nov.