Elijah does his bit for CAP

We believe that every member of Churchcentral can be for the good of the city, and that age and stage are no barrier to this! At West Site, we now have a walking-talking reminder of this in the form of Elijah Rose.

This is what Elijah used to look like:


He set out to raise £500 for Christians Against Poverty by shaving his hair off on Christmas Day. In the end, he raised over £600! And here’s the proof:



It received a warm response from CAP HQ and even all the way to the top when CAP founder John Kirkby emailed Verity, Elijah’s mum and one of our debt coaches.

He said:

Hi Verity 

Ayesha shared the amazing fundraiser your lad did by shaving off his beautiful long blond hair and he raised over £600 !!! Please pass on my encouragement and thanks, it was really humbling to hear and inspiring to think a young lad would do that for the poor and to support CAP.

Let him know he’s impacted everyone who’s heard of it.


How is God calling you to be for the good of our city?

If you want to give to CAP, follow this link or if you’d be interested in being involved in our CAP centre in some way or more information, contact Owen.