Introducing Malcolm Kayes

At Churchcentral ONE this weekend, not only do we have a new shiny venue, but a new (somewhat shiny) guest speaker! We asked Malcolm Kayes a few questions to introduce himself ahead of Sunday.

Central Line: We’re really looking forward to you coming to speak at ONE on Sunday. Could you introduce yourself to Churchcentral?

Malcolm Kayes:I’m looking forward to it too! I have just celebrated 45 years of marriage to Pam, we have two married daughters and four granddaughters. Last summer I ‘retired’ from full-time Church work at the Coign Church in Woking after 26 years leading that great church. I continue to serve Commission Churches within Newfrontiers but am trying to find more time for golf and watching football (and avoiding Pam’s to-do list).

CL: You’ve been a church leader for over 30 years and have been around Newfrontiers since the very early days, what have you learnt about following Jesus in that time?

MK: I have learned about the grace and patience of God in His dealings with me, and also about the value and importance of the local church to Jesus in His mission. Newfrontiers has been such a wonderful context in which to receive input and ministry from other leaders, and to work together whilst also developing genuine friendships.

CL: We’ve got a growing number of Coign graduates in the church (Tim and Liz Brown as well as James and Doreen Mellor). Could you dish any dirt?!!

MK: Wow – your pastoral workload must have multiplied with such messed-up folk joining Churchcentral! Seriously, you have got the best of the best in James & Doreen and Tim & Liz – what a team you must be building together as they are being added to your existing leadership teams.

CL: How about a sneak teaser of what God’s put on your heart for Sunday?

MK: I am going to preach from Hezekiah chapter 2. Why not read it before Sunday…

***If you spot Malcolm’s joke in the answer to the last question, well played. Rich and Jonny didn’t spot it. Let’s see if you do…***