Get to know our newest staff member Kate

If you’ve interacted with the office since Easter, you’ll know that many of the administrative and financial activities of the church are now in the capable hands of Kate Watkins, our newest member of staff. 

We caught up with Kate and asked her about some of the thinking behind her job change, and how we can pray for her.

Why the change?

I had been a teacher for a long time and my role of Special Needs Coordinator had become very stressful, and left little time to spend with my family and community – things I felt God had put on my heart. Whilst on maternity leave I was praying a lot about what God wanted me to do next, did he want me to stay at my school or do something different and I felt him saying that I had the freedom to leave and do something else – both myself and Rachel Martin (who works at the school I have left) both felt God tell us that she was there now, so it was OK for me to go. Then the job came up at Churchcentral and it seemed the right step – I was excited about the role, and it was also one that would give me the time to spend with my family and invest in my local community, especially with my oldest, Jaime, starting at the local school, which is on our road, in September.

What have you been doing so far?

A lot of what I was doing to begin with was organising everything for Catalyst Festival which was a fun but steep learning curve! I have also been learning more about finance and how the finance system works, as well as completing many DBS checks – a lot of people will probably have received many emails from me already! I have also had the important tasks of organising the Office World Cup Sweepstake and tidying the stationary (anyone who knows me will know this is a job I love – combining tidying with stationary!!)

First impressions?

It is a lovely place to work – obviously everyone is very friendly and supportive and welcoming. The office is a great place to be, with a real focus upon God and serving our church, city and the nations well. I am enjoying the work I am doing, and learning new and different things – I already feel that I have a new perspective on what happens on a Sunday. I have also learnt that coffee is very important – I have been taught how to use a percolator properly!

How can people pray for you?

For quick learning in the new things I am doing. For patience and grace for others, and also myself as I make mistakes with things. For opportunities to share the gospel with my local community and build deep friendships.