“It’s been wonderful seeing children understand who God is and what He can do…”

This summer sees Beth Martin, our Kidzcentral team leader, transition out of her role as she heads into her first year as a newly qualified teacher. We caught up with Beth to hear the highlights and to find out about Kidzcentral going forward.

1) What has been your role?

The role has involved writing our Kidzcentral material that the team then lead kidz-central-logothrough on a Sunday morning, as well as leading the Kidzcentral team. This involved seeking to shape and implement our Kidzcentral vision across the church, organising training events, keeping on top of admin tasks such as registration information, child protection administration, as well as recruiting team. I’ve also sought to liase with parents to discuss how we can best support their children.

2) What have been your highlights of the past four years

I’ve loved leading the Light Parties. These are parties we put on around Halloween time, so that while lots of kids at that time of year are being invited to celebrate scary things, we throw a big party that is tons of fun but also enables kids to meet with the Light of the world! We communicate Jesus, we worship Him, and at the lastLightPartyweb one we had more non-church children than church children.

It’s also been wonderful seeing the children understand who God is and what he can do and understand who they are, so know what to ask of him. I’ve loved working with such an incredible Kidzcentral team and have enjoyed working with staff team in the office.

 3) What are you hoping for the future of Kidzcentral?

Going forward, I continue to believe that Jesus can be the most talked about person in Birmingham’s primary schools. I long to see the church growing through children inviting their friends along to Kidzcentral events and Sunday services.  We also believe in Kidzcentral that children can be for the good of the city – through contributing to things like CAP hampers and other social outreach events.

In terms of Kidz, there isn’t a direct replacement for my position, there will be a new structure involving Kidz champions at each site: Anna and Megan at West Site, Rich Price at South Site and Emily at North Site. These people will take on the role of inspiring site specific vision, building team and doing admin tasks like DBS ID checks and structuring the rota. I’m not the person to ask questions to anymore!

 4) How can we be praying?

Andrew Wilson recently said that “Kids work is the most evangelistic ministry in the church” – I would love that to be the story for Churchcentral. I’d love for our church to grow because children are begging their parents to come to church so they can be a part of Kidzcentral.

We also currently have very limited team, meaning we are close to the point of not being able to run Kidz- please pray for more people to come forward who are passionate about seeing Jesus shape young lives (and are free to serve 1 in 3 weeks).