Alanah reflects on Newday 18

We asked Alanah Mitchell from West Site for her thoughts on Newday. She writes:

Another year, and another Newday for the youth of emerge! This year we had 22 youth join 7000+ other young people from across the UK for a week of learning more about God and His goodness.

We went straight into the deep on the first night, with Joe MacNamara talking on the subject of shame. The next night we heard how God likes to get stuck into our lives, then how we hear from God, prayer and healing, how to be bold like King David, and finally on the Saturday: the importance of family.

From multiple discussions among the youth, the morning meetings: split into 12-14’s and 15-18’s, and seminars were equally as challenging.

Being part of the older generation of emerge myself, I was privileged to listen to Stef Liston speaking about the Four Stages/Conditions of Humanity.

Sadly in this blog post I won’t unpack all of the preaches, as I’m sure you can imagine how long that would take! But I would strongly recommend to approach any emergee and ask them about their experience and they’d happily tell you all about it. Don’t worry: I can vouch for their friendly nature!

But it wasn’t just in the meetings where all the action was happening!

Back at camp, the team recreated the Dave TV programme ‘Taskmaster’ for teams of emerge to compete in. Tasks ranged from how many blueberries could be balanced on a team member’s face to creating a bedtime story for Grace Pitt. All attempts, I am certain, will go down in emerge history as being one of the most amusing moments during the days at Newday.

It was a pleasure at Newday 2018, to see emerge grow more and more into a family. Whether it was bonding over doing people’s Henna, cruising down the slip and slide, or partaking in ‘Shower raves’ (ask the boys about that one!), emerge has become something which I know will stand the test of time. The young people in emerge are a credit to their parents and to Churchcentral! And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!

Equally, our leaders blow me away sometimes – and not just because of their dance moves in the Big Top! They act as brilliant examples of how to pursue God diligently and humbly. It is only befitting to mention their part in all of this, and making Newday for emerge possible.

For me, Newday 2018 was a week where God refreshed some of the foundational truths of who I am in him: that in Jesus there is no shame, we don’t need to strive but simply surrender, that I am no longer an orphan but a daughter of the Living God. I realised early on in the week that it can become very easy for things to be known in your head, yet it is an entirely different matter about feeling them in your heart.

I would like to end with an encouragement to the rest of Churchcentral. Knowing who you are and where you stand in Jesus gives you incomprehensible freedom in the Spirit. So I pray for God to give fresh revelations across the church so that our faith does not become stale but will produce much fruit for the Kingdom of Jesus!

And finally…

“It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming! Dodgeball’s coming home!”

 *Emerge got to the semi-finals in the dodgeball tournament!*