How do you introduce your friends to Jesus?

Here’s the scenario: one of your friends suddenly reveals that they’re interested in looking into Christianity. What do you do?

It may sound like a simple question, but seriously, what’s your plan? Perhaps, you invite them to a Sunday morning service. But what if they work on a Sunday? Or that’s the only time they get to spend with their kids? Or they’re a bit suspicious of ‘the church’?

Perhaps you look through the ‘What’s On?’ section on the app to see if there’s an event or course to invite them to. But it’s a while away. Or it’s miles away. Or it’s not quite scratching where they’re itching.

Seriously, what do you do?

I think that for most of us, we’re trying to live lives and speak words that we pray will attract people to Jesus but, if we’re honest, it can be hard work and quite discouraging at times. People often aren’t bothered and others can be actively hostile. However, even with that said, most of us have experienced the above scenario before and, if we keep spending time with people who aren’t Christians, we know that we are very likely to experience it again. Probably more than a few times. Therefore, having a plan of what to do is surely a good idea.

And we’d like to help you concoct such a plan.

We’re actively exploring how to help all of us to be able to take advantage of such opportunities when they arise. Not just by inviting our friends to church (although that’s still a good idea). Not only by inviting them on a course or to an event (although that can help too). But by introducing our friends to Jesus ourselves through the Bible.

We’d like our church to be full of people who’d feel ready and able to respond to the above scenario by saying something like: ‘how about looking at what the Bible says with me?’

Now, you may be streets ahead on this, and already know exactly how to do this. Or potentially, you’re at the other end of the spectrum and even the prospect of opening a Bible with a friend brings you out in a cold sweat.

Well, whoever you are and whatever your experience of this sort of thing, we’ve come across a resource we really like and we’d like to suggest you give it a go, and train you to do just that. It’s called ‘Word One to One’ and it’s basically John’s gospel broken up into helpful chunks, with some explanatory notes to help you and your friends to understand what it means.

It’s going to be plugged at the upcoming ‘Is Faith Reasonable?’ event with John Lennox, but you don’t need to wait until then to have a look. On Monday 10th September, the creator of this resource, Richard Borgonon, is going to be putting on a training evening to help us use this resource as effectively as possible. He’s got loads of really encouraging stories about how God is using this resource to introduce all sorts of people to Jesus, and he’ll also give us some very practical help on how to use it most effectively.

It’ll be at Monyhull Church, in Kings Norton and all the information is on the app or alternatively you can find it here.

Jesus encouraged his disciples that the harvest was plentiful. We believe that it’s not that different today in Birmingham, and, even if there’s still reasonably few of us, we want to be workers who are ready and equipped.