Introducing Katie Dunn

We’re blessed in the church this year to have Katie Dunn giving herself to serving through the Impact Frontier Project internship. Here’s what that’s all about, in her own words…


I moved from Gloucester to Birmingham three years ago to study Psychology at the University of Birmingham, having finished my degree I am now excited to be spending the year interning with Churchcentral after joining during my 1st year at Uni. I enjoy Netflix, coffee shops and more importantly, The Great British Bake-Off.

What are you doing this year?

I’ll be volunteering for Churchcentral as part of my church-based placement during my Impact Training (FP) year. I’ll also be regularly travelling to Bedford for training with all the other Impact Trainees as part of the theological study and skills training side of the year, which has already been incredible. I am so excited about dedicating this year to learn more about God and in other words, have my life turned upside down.

What are a few of the things you’re gonna be spending your time doing?

Part of what I’m focussing on this year is volunteering with Karis Neighbour Scheme, particularly Senior Life Group, Time for Tea, and visiting/befriending older people. I’m also focussing on and passionate about encouraging and supporting students, including being a part of a student Life Group and supporting the Church’s work with students in whatever way I can.

How was your first training block? What’s something you learned?

My first training block was amazing – I found that I came away even more grounded in the Word having looked at topics such as the Old Testament, Spiritual Gifts, and the themes of Salvation, Law and Grace in the Bible. This was teaching hugely challenging and inspiring, what struck me again was the incredible way that God’s Salvation plan is woven into the Old Testament. It was wonderful to be with such an encouraging and God-focussed group of people, and we all bonded really well.

Lastly, how can we pray for you?

  • That I will be able to manage and organise my time so that I can serve the church well.

  • That God will really challenge and grow me this year – not sure how that looks yet!

  • That I will be able to encourage, love and support others well, and that in doing so I can glorify God even more – Particularly in terms of my work with Students and Karis.