Unremarkable days…

Sometimes I read the Bible and get blown away by the relentless pace at which God works in the world. In the space of one page turn, kingdoms rise and fall, nations turn around, hopes are fulfilled and God works! Wonderful.

Then I look at my story and it can all feel somewhat slower!

sign-youre-a-boring-person-1499907556Days, weeks, and months go by, and things can feel like they’re stuck. Why doesn’t God work at the page-turning pace he does in the Bible when it comes to answering my prayers, my hopes? What if I’m getting it wrong? What if he’s cleared off? What if he’s winding down in his old age?

And then I read this from Jon Bloom on the book of Genesis:

“Genesis covers an incredible span of time…Genesis alone covers approximately the same amount of historical time as the rest of the books of the Bible combined, and possibly much more.

And what do we know about those millennia? Remarkably little, when you think about it…Between Adam and Abraham…that would be approximately 730,000 days that passed with only a handful of them containing events that God decided to record.

See what he’s saying? Maybe God’s blessing took place over a bit more time than I normally think. Maybe the page-turning pace of the Bible felt somewhat slower when it was being played out live. Maybe the fact that God promises blessing, and brings it over the page, didn’t feel instant at the time! Maybe lots of the days felt ordinary. Normal. Unremarkable. But does that mean God wasn’t at work?

“No. Every single one of those 730,000 days was a unique, priceless, irreplaceable creation of God’s (Ps. 118:24). And every single person was a unique, priceless, irreplaceable creation of God’s, each bearing God’s image (Gen. 1:27), however marred and distorted. Each had a unique story, each played a role in the Great Story. Each had meaning to God.”

And so for us:

“Let the unremarkable days of Genesis speak to you. A few days of your life are remarkable, containing events and experiences where you see God’s providence with startling clarity and when your faith and life course are indelibly and memorably shaped. But the vast majority of your days—likely a day like today—will pass into obscurity, unrecorded and irretrievable to your memory. But though today may be unremarkable, it is not unimportant. It is unique, priceless, and irreplaceable.

Today God is at work in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure (Phil. 2:13). Today God is at work in you to advance toward completion the good work that he began in you (Phil. 1:6). Today, though unseen and unfelt by you, God is at work in every detail of your history and experience and the history and experience of possibly thousands of others, to bring about answers to your long-requested prayers, to open the door that seems impossibly closed to you, to turn the prodigal homeward, to save your hard-hearted loved one, to deliver you from the affliction, or to make you an unexpected, remarkable means of grace to someone else.”

Boom. Here’s to God’s remarkable work, even in unremarkable days.

Quotes from “Don’t Follow Your Heart: God’s Ways Are Not Your Ways” by Jon Bloom