Find your way around

Over the days, weeks and months on the Central Line, we’re hoping a fairly broad range of posts will pop up for your reading pleasure.

“But what can we expect?” I hear you cry. “Is there a short summary of the different blog series? Something that gives us a flavour of the blog and helps us navigate our way around?” Crikey. Good questions!

Here’s a snapshot of what you can find here.

micWe are quite simply buzzing about this brand new way of interacting with what God is saying to us as a church.

Sermon+ will appear every Wednesday, further unpacking some of the themes of the passage or topic of the previous week, as well as links to related content, further reading and, best of all, a new interactive feature to get you involved. At the end of each talk, you’ll be able to message in questions arising from what’s been said to Then, in the Sermon+ feature, some of the most common questions will begin to be answered. Fun!

image-1We’re convinced it’s not by luck or random chance that we find ourselves in this city, but by God’s deliberate choice. He loves Birmingham, wants to bless the second city and is choosing to use us as part of that plan. We’re not to be on the fringes of city life but want to be a church for the good of Birmingham. We really do love Brum! And so this simple series will feature some of the stuff Churchcentralites love about living here, some of the ways people are contributing to Birmingham, alongside some of the ways we’re involved in serving Brum as a church.

imageBut as much as we love Birmingham, it doesn’t stop there. God has also called us to be a church that loves and serves the nation, and even the world. To that end, we’ll feature different countries, update you on ways to be praying and giving to the overseas work of the church, and hear stories from people in the church who have crossed a shore in Jesus’ name.

 Of course, we know that every one of us pays perfect attention in the notice slot on Sundays. Every single one. Yup. All of us. Right? Right. And as much as that is true (!), we’ll also be using the blog to keep you posted and make announcements across church-life. But you still have to listen in the notices, okay? I said okay? Hello? Never mind.

And so much more…

If that’s not enough, there will be general posts equipping us to live the Christian life covering everyday topics from finances to feelings, worship to work, holiness to holidays, and everything in between.

You might well be reading this and not call yourself a ‘Christian’ and simply be having a browse around or considering what you think about the Christian faith. Just in case you were wondering, we’re really glad you’re here! Or if you are a follower of Jesus, we reckon you might have a friend, or even two, on Facebook who isn’t. Recognising that many more people might  feel more ready to “clink a link” than “come to church”, we’re also going to be deliberate in sharing ‘sharable’ content that will prompt thought and cultivate curiosity in the mind and heart of the sceptic or seeker.

So there we go. That’s a little overview. Happy reading.

Discussing further

Lastly, some of our posts may tackle difficult issues in our culture, within the church or wider theological questions and you may want to discuss these things further. Rather than do this on the blog here, we’ve set up a private Facebook group where we can discuss the issues raised.

So if you are part of Churchcentral and would like to continue the discussions started here, click here and ask to join the group!


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